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GK301 Personal Tracker
GK3537 Personal Tracker
GS503 Personal Tracker
GT03B Personal Tracker
GW2318 Personal Tracker
GPS Vehicle Tracker


Dual-CPU high integrated design

Real-time tracking

Intelligent power saving function

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Geo fencing / voice monitoring

With high intense magnet in its rear cover

Power-saving mode /  avoid static drifting

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Ignition detection and tele-cutoff funtion

Real-time tracking and burglar alarm

Built-in GSM and GPS antennas

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Vehicle Tracking Devices

GPS enabled tracking devices, designed to keep track of your fleet of vehicles. Special waterproof devices for your motor bikes and sailing vessels. Enables real-time tracking and security. more +

Personal Tracking Devices

Compact and user friendly GPS devices for personal tracking. Most suited for lone workers, children, car security, etc. Keep track of your dear ones and always ensure that they never lose their way. more +


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